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Noble IP is a static IP proxy service that makes it simple to access network resources from your serverless and cloud platforms with a static IP, or host your serverless deployments behind a static IP.

Utilizing a static IP simplies deployments into corporate and secured networks allowing you to whitelist a single IP for access into your networks. Serverless platforms may use any IP when they launch, leaving IP operators a difficult choice in whitelisting all traffic or disallowing the growing trend of serverless platforms.

Noble IP solves this be provided a set of static IP addresses that may be whitelisted by your clients, and providing you a simple to use toolkit to route your traffic through these IPs. We support industry standard proxy standards, such as HTTPS, HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies as well custom tools such as Noble IP Port Leases where SOCKS and HTTPS proxies aren't ideal.

  • I want to access a network resource, such as a database or API with a static IP


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  • I want to host my serverless function, cloud app or HTTP service from a static IP


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