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Quickstart: Inbound Proxy

If you need to host your HTTP/S endpoint on a static IP, such as a cloud function or a Vercel app, then you should utilize an inbound proxy.

Creating an Inbound Proxy

Start by signing up for an account and accessing the dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Inbound Proxies tab and select Create Inbound ProxyCreate Inbound Proxy
  2. Add your destinations for the proxy. If you add multiple destinations we will round robin connections to each destination. By default we will utilize SSL passthrough - this means data will pass through the proxy completely encrypted. You can also enable SSL Termination, (if for example your backend does not support HTTPS), and we will provision a Lets Encrypt certificate for you. Setup Inbound Proxy
  3. Add your hostnames to the proxy. This is the hostnames that you will give give to your clients and setup a CNAME with.
  4. Using your domain provider, create a CNAME to all the hostnames you have setup.


    Our CNAME guide provides instructions on setting up a CNAME

You are done. You should be able to access your hostnames and provide them to clients with a whitelisted static IP.