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Koyeb Static IPs with Noble IP

Koyeb is a serverless platform for running and scaling containers in any language.

Host your Koyeb App on a Static IP

If you need your koyeb application to be reachable via static IP you can create an inbound proxy. Then the hostname you attach to the proxy will have a static IP.

Find your domain

Your destination hostname will be Copy this domain.


Add your domain to Noble IP

  1. Add your domain as a destination.
  2. Enable the SSL Termination and disable the Forward Host Header options.
    • If you do not enable these options, you will need to also add your domain to your Koyeb domains
  3. Ensure you have setup your CNAME.


Access a database from Koyeb serverless functions with a Static IP

When making HTTP/HTTPS requests you can follow the quickstart guide and use the proxy option. However if you need to access a database you should leverage Port Leases